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It is going to be a great year and we have some awesome FREE Tools for you. Tune in today to find out how to get our free planner and resources to make 2022 the best year yet! Details
Ready to take off this week! Let's make it a magical Monday.On today's show, we start our final week of 2021, by organizing and planning for an amazing 2022! Let's get on it and get ready to make 2022 the best year yet! Details
It is time for a magical Monday! Do you ever feel like procrastinating and not getting anything done? We all do, but we can learn how to fight against it by finding the right focus. In this podcast, I talk about how to find that focus and free yourse... Details
Welcome to today's first Monday Discovery CoachCast!Today we are going to focus on your commitment level. Are you ready to go after it? Let's make 2022 the best year ever by getting committed to our mission and focusing on our goals to make it happen... Details
It is time for a Magical Monday!Today we start working on our planning, but to make 2022 unique, we must focus on our more profound understanding of time. Join me today to find out how we do that. Details
Let's make it a Magical Monday! Today we start our week of gratitude by discussing why it is so important not to take things for granted and why we should appreciate every moment. So let's get after it and enjoy life. Details
It is going to be a Magical Monday It is time to move past the victim of not being able to do it because of complexity and move towards a more positive path of getting it done. Join me today as we focus on what comes next! Lets GOOOOO! Details
It is time for a Magical Monday! Today we start rocking self-awareness. This is critical as we move to Intelligent Life Design. In order to build that life around your passions, we need to know what they are. Let's get after it today! Details
It is going to be a Magical Monday! Today we focus on determining the speed you should be leading at. I also have a modern fable that will help you understand a new type of leadership. Let's go make it an amazing day! Details
It is going to be a Magical Monday!Today we start with some good energy and start our final week of October discussing clarity. I know we are all moving fast. Today, we focus on using our final check to feel our mission for one last push. Details
It is going to be a Magical Monday! Today we start our week discussing the power of surrendering to the things that come into your life. We look at what surrender really is, and why it can relieve stress and anxiety and get you on the right path. Details
Ready for a Magical Monday! Today, we continue our deep plunge into life as we discuss what Metaphysics is and why it is essential to understand its study. Then, it is time to focus on what true success is to you personally and your relationship to e... Details
Ready for a new week and a fresh month! Let's GO - Motivational Monday Today, we start moving into some deeper areas. We are going to be discussing faith and finding ways to make your mind your friend as well as connect to your faith. Details
We are off to another Magical Monday; let's get rolling.Join me today on the show as we get into our final week of September, focusing on health. Today we go over holistic health and what it means within the body-mind-spirit dynamic. Details
Let's make it a magical Monday!We are off, had an internet problem Sunday and this morning, but we are back and rolling. Let's make it an amazing week this week! Details
Ready for a Motivational Monday!Let's get after today, time to focus on getting organized with our health, and we will do this with the understanding of do when we "train for the mirror." Today we are going to get after it and focus on getting our he... Details
Happy Labor Day!I hope you are having a nice break from work. We start the week with a discussion on health and eating right. Join me on some grocery store strategies that can help you today. Details
Let's GO! Time to end this month with some organization. Going to be a great Monday. To get the week started off with some awesome energy we are going to discuss building massive friendships. Join me for a fun discussion and getting some great ideas ... Details
Let's get off to an amazing start this week. On today's show, we have a good one to understand and deal with people that just won't ever listen to you. We live in a very opinionated time, and today I will give you 5 tips to help you deal with complic... Details
Ready for ANOTHER amazing week!Today we get a little deep and we start focusing on the reflection we are putting into the world. What does it mean to mirror? Join me on the show today and we will get into the details. Details