It’s one unique podcast app for one unique you.

What makes Bullhorn different is the way that you experience podcasts. We give you free, unlimited access to a library filled with the most popular podcasts plus, you can choose to dial in to listen, download, or stream.


Save your phone’s data and battery life by choosing to dial in to your next podcast.

Podcast streaming

Unlimited, free streaming available for all your favorite podcast episodes.

Free Transcriptions

Prefer to read your podcasts? Our transcriptions feature allows you to read the scripts.


Episodes can be automatically downloaded for playback when on wifi or by using network data.

Stay up-to-date

Access the latest releases and top podcasts. Don’t see your favorite podcast? Don’t sweat it. Click here to submit a podcast request.

Powerful Explore Page

Our interface is super easy to use. Three easy tabs for you to search, follow, and download your podcasts.

Be Free to Have a Better Listening Experience

Bullhorn is the easiest way to find, save and listen to all your favorite podcasts. We are all about fun, effortless and uninterrupted podcast listening.

Listen Freely

Listen anyway you want — using your data plan or not.


Find the newest, most addicting podcast through our powerful​​​​​​​ Explore page.

Enjoy Freedom

No in-app ads and no premium version — save your money for something else.

The Podcast App That Redefines How You Get and Share Audio Content

95% of U.S.-based mobile customers have free, unlimited minutes. What they don’t have is unlimited data. With Bullhorn, listeners get access to podcasts and other audio content without using data — live and on-demand.

The Bullhorn mission is to extend the reach of podcasts to everyone’s ear, regardless of location or income. No data or expensive smartphone needed. Not to mention, podcasters gain another avenue to effortlessly distribute content to new and existing audiences.

Downlod for Free!

Bullhorn is available for iOS and Android devices. It's free to broadcast, free to listen and free to enjoy.