Hey, THE MORNING SHOW, Janie & Paul know what you did! The couple also attempts to remember Thanksgivings past, while speaking to the future! Check out for cool podcast merch and for new streaming live... Details
Feeling SLEEPY?  WEELLLLL, our little Night Owls, Janie & Paul recorded themselves watching the 1984 film A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, and are STAYING AWAKE for you to enjoy it along with them during the spppooookky season watch-alonga-palooza October ... Details
Is it almost 28 days LATER into our SPOOKY season Watch-along Bonanza?  Janie & Paul recorded themselves watching the 2002 film 28 DAYS LATER, which they are simply infected with joy for you to enjoy with us for our spppooookky season watch-alonga-pa... Details
It's been a week! Join Janie & Paul for their single October 2021  podcast release. They offgas some frustrating emotions and try to make sense of this new normal. The duo attempt to contextualize a recent tragic industry event. They make their recom... Details
Craving some BLOOD to drink?! Janie & Paul recorded themselves watching the 1983 film THE HUNGER, which we would LOVE for you to enjoy with us for our spppooookky season watchalong October 2021 bonanza! Simply sync up the movie with our voices throug... Details
Watch-along, watch-along, watch-along, watch-along, watch-alo...! Janie & Paul recorded themselves watching the original 1992 CANDYMAN, which we would LOVE for you to enjoy with us. Simply synch up the movie with our voices through speakers and feel ... Details
Hope you've seen senses 1-5, because Paul & Janie sat down and watched THE SIXTH SENSE with you! Simply find a copy of the 1999 movie that takes place in PHILLY, YO and sync up with the audio to have a spooky and entertaining watching experience alon... Details
Janie & Paul spoil the SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE remake while themselves being scenes from their marriage. New merchandise alert! Watchalong news for October 2021! Visit for ALLLLLL the shiny new things.  Details
Janie endures weird body pains. Paul describes the worst thing to do to a yeller. Together, the two get through a seriously weird night where you may or may not be legally married to them.  As always, o to for their official podc... Details
Y'AAAAAAALLLLLL get up into a psycho game, y'all with the weekend water of your choosing! Our watchalong to the 1997 film THE GAME is ready to PLAY wherever you decide to join us! Find the movie (we found it on Netflix at the time of this publishing)... Details
Dog days of summer doldrums! Janie digs to for hope. Paul listens and agrees there is nihilism. Together, the duo still find humor while experiencing the human condition! Details
Janie  & Paul visit the South. They get up into some trouble at The Teet and go bobbing in the ocean.  Details
Janie has unwholesome emotions. Paul meditates amongst plants. And together, the two soldier on through life among the partially vaccinated. Get your merchandise at Details
Janie & Paul go on adventure out of state! We meet our lovely Kin Ship business partners IN REAL LIFE. And the duo relay family quirks!! While also revealing a new podcast schedule for the rest of 2021. Everyone, keep staying safe, sane and STRONG! x... Details
Get up into some mummified trouble, y'all! Our watchalong to the 1999 film THE MUMMY is wrapped up and buried into your living room or wherever you decide to join us! Find the movie (we found it on HBOmax at the time of this publishing), sync it up t... Details
Paul announces upcoming projects! Janie announces a bit of past mischief. And, together, the duo get into a little email trouble, Y'AAAAALLL. Details
This week moods are improving! Janie does have some rage though. And Paul has some opinions on willful ignorance! Together, they laugh through it!  Details
Janie recounts meeting a personal hero. Paul expresses his interest in Andy Griffith's backstage drama. And the duo create a new tabloid journalism for the modern age!Visit Details
We're Away F. Homekins this week! We discuss insects and reimagine a Hollywood classic. While Drunk.  Details
Sartorial choices get parsed. Paul reacts to Cruella. And the duo try to make sense of this transition moment over their weekend water.  Details