Garrett and RidiculousHat hold down the fort for Joce this week by finishing up The Angry Chicken’s Alterac Valley card preview. Why should you fear freeze? Is Honorable Kill any good? Who’s got the big dumb stats? Find out on this episode! Details
The Angry Chicken crew is back, and even after 442 episodes, we have a FIRST! Come for the card reveals, stay for the analysis. Details
13 days ago
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This week the TAC trio usher in the announcement of Hearthstone’s next expansion: Fractured in Alterac Valley! They also take a look at the latest Battlegrounds update, the tri-format esports tournament, and call for the resignation of Bobby Kotic... Details
20 days ago
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This week on The Angry Chicken, Vigil joins Joce and RidiculousHat to talk about the state of Hearthstone, the upcoming balance patch, and settle once and for all what Battlegrounds heroes have the best portraits! Details
29 days ago
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Garrett is out this week due to internet issues, but Joce and Hat are holding down the fort! It’s all Deadmines talk this week as the miniset and patch comes out tomorrow! Get all the news and thoughts on new cards right here on The Angry Chicken! Details
Unlike Mysterious Strangers, The Angry Chicken is back! Join Garrett and RidiculousHat to learn how the best way to level up in Mercenaries has been nerfed, how Hallow’s End is bringing the wildest and possibly concerning special hero to Battlegro... Details
Are we still in the Mercenaries honeymoon phase? Join Joce, Garrett, and Ridiculous to hear how Hearthstone’s newest mode has progressed in its first week and where it needs to go in the future. Also, Iksar mentioned Battlegrounds tournament mode,... Details
Mercenaries is out and TAC got a chance to play it early. Join Garrett and RidiculousHat for as they break down how Hearthstone’s latest edition is more fun than expected! Details
Why is everyone leaving Grandmasters? What does Iksar have to say this week? WHERE IS ALEC?! All this and more on this episode of The Angry Chicken! Details
Garrett, Joce, and RidiculousHat are back to talk about the new meta in both Standard and Battlegrounds! They also take a look at the Alec Dawson interview from the Vicious Syndicate podcast last week. Find out their thoughts and feelings on Quest... Details
Today’s show is all about Patch 21.3! There are Standard and Battlegrounds nerfs and buffs, as well as some new Mercenaries news. Details
This week on The Angry Chicken, Garrett, Joce, and RidiculousHat have Iksar AMAs, Hearthstone Secrets, meta talk in both Standard and Battlegrounds, and then take you emails. Details
Garrett, RidiculousHat, and Joce do their best to explain and breakdown the newly announced game mode, Hearthstone Mercenaries! Will it be worth the price of admission? Details
Garrett and Joce are joined today by Slysssa to talk about the biggest changes to Battlegrounds since the mode LAUNCHED! New heroes, minions out, minions in, damage caps, the works! So what are you waiting for, grab some spicy pretzel mustard and ... Details
Garrett, RidiculousHat and Joce are back! Nerfs are here, find out what’s playable in the new meta. They also chat about the latest week of Grandmasters, and take your emails. Details
The whole crew is back this week to talk about the changes coming in Patch 21.0.3 to both Constructed and Battlegrounds, and then they take your emails. Enjoy! Details
Joce is out this week but that won’t stop Garrett and RidiculousHat from breaking down the wide array of decks that have come out of the first week of United in Stormwind! Details
Garrett, RidiculousHat, and Joce get LEGENDARY this week, taking a look at all the legendary cards dropping tomorrow with United in Stormwind. They also talk about what they’ll be crafting and what archetypes they think will work, so don’t miss it... Details
This isn’t the first time we’ve done an episode on the topic of women being treated fairly and it isn’t the frist time it’s hit close to home. This is a heavy show, but not one without hope. Details
This week on The Angry Chicken, Garrett takes a well deserved vacation, so it’s up to Joce and Hat to deliver all of Hearthstone’s news and of course that means all the newest cards! Don’t forget to enter our giveaway for one of five United in Sto... Details