As you've noticed, a few years ago, a shift happened and a new project emerged.  If you'd love to join with all of us who are continuing their healing journey, you can listen to our new podcast, The Finding Christ Podcast!  See you soon! Details
[Special Guest: Kim Watts!] Sometimes to get to greater light we have to walk through some of our darkness...    Details
How Becky heard about energy work. Details
Want to know one of the biggest messes people make in their energy??  It has a lot to do with how you handle new and intimidating situations... Details
I used to keep energy clearing to myself, thinking it was too advanced for kids, but boy was I wrong.  Every time I try to show my kids the ropes...they end up teaching me! Details
When stress hits, do you tend to hold on tight?  Well I bet you didn't know you were literally holding onto it physically and energetically, trapping it inside you... Listen in today to learn how to let it all go! Details
I was really scared to walk into a room of successful business men and a women and tell them about my new energy healing business... Details
LIVE SESSION!!  Part 2! Melodee Wants To Be A Leader, But Is She Willing To Be Seen?  It all depends on what she believes about center of attention...  Details
LIVE SESSION!!  Melodee STOP'S Her Pattern of Second Guessing Herself in this LIVE Session Today! (part 1) Details
Once I opened up my intuition, my world got a whole lot safer...everywhere I went! Details
Doubting yourself?  Yep...I know all about it and it can be paralyzing!  That's why today I share my one secret for overcoming self doubt everyday! Details
Meet Carrie, mother of 4 boys, health and fitness entrepreneur & one incredible woman!  Through doing it all as a mom and overcoming a heart attack and the heart aches of life, listen in as we learn how energy work has completely changed things for h... Details
Have you ever made a decision to do something good in your life, learn something new, take a risk, make a change for the better?  And when you thought it would be smooth sailing, you get hit up with major resistance? I get it and today we break it do... Details
Got some people in your life who think energy clearing is weird?   I get it, I used to be that person!  Listen in as my husband, Justin and I talk about our journey to loving energy clearing and the road blocks along the way!         Details
Feeling stressed?  Elections, kids, finances, you name it, we get to experience STRESS! So join Anastasia and I today as we blast through her fears of muscle testing to find the peace and quiet she had within her all along! Details
I get asked all the time...Tara how do I clear this ______ from my life??  It's making me crazy and causing me so much pain!  Well guess what? Today, I've got a big announcement so you'll know just how to do it! Details
Meet Angie...beautiful wife, mother of 4 great kids, loving friend and business woman extraordinare! She's incredible right?   The only problem is that she doesn't see it... So what do we do now? It all has to do with understanding who we are and the... Details
Books!  Man I love them!  They change my world every day, so for this episode I'm sharing some of my favorites, the ones that have taught me a ton about energy work!  If you can't write them down while you are listening, make sure to email me at Tara... Details
Today I get emotional about someone who got me through the toughest trial of my life. Listen in as we share how important it is to have someone in your corner who reminds you that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK!! Details
We all know the GAZILLONS of benefits of exercise, so why don't we just do it already? There may be more going on than we realize!  Listen in today to see what energy blocks are stopping you from getting the body you want. Not to mention all the oth... Details