Verified superstar, Kalen Allen, joins us this week as our Only Child Expert! Kalen quells the rumors surrounding only child syndrome, everything he's looking for in a partner, and his rise to fame. Plus, Sydnee and Marie talk about their upcoming tv... Details
On this week's solo episode, Sydnee and Marie discuss DaBaby and DaBookings, Saweetie and her McDonald's meal, and everything else from Paul Rudd to 9/11. Enjoy!----Listen to The Unofficial Expert Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus:https://foreverdogpodcast... Details
SNL's Ego Nwodim is on the pod this week as our Classy, Bougie, Ratchet Expert! Ego opens up as much she can - while still securing those NBC checks, to tell us about going to the Catskills, going on bad dates abroad, and getting into some road rage.... Details
Another solo episode this week where Sydnee, Marie and Andrew discuss hot billionaires, what makes a diva and why ghosting is never okay. Enjoy!----Listen to The Unofficial Expert Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus: Details
Slinging and slapping dick. He she they y'all.Sugar daddy-ing down the game. Minnesota 10, New York 7. Close your eyes open your legs. Lazy eye for the win. Cowardly lions are not my type. Her cups ran over. Espedrils and Sancerre. We had sodomy. Wha... Details
We're back with our first solo episode in a minute. Marie talks about closing herself off from fans and Sydnee comes to terms with being too close with just about anyone. We discuss the Molly episode from two episodes back and respond to a listener e... Details
Chris Gethard joins the pod this week as our New Jersey Expert! Chris talks about a typical day in the life as a new dad, his past living it up in New York, and the best foods you can find in NJ. Plus, Sydnee talks about the recent heatwave in NY and... Details
Big tea this week, sweetie! Listener, Molly (who's messaged the Unofficial Expert to become the unpaid assistant), is on the pod this week to be interviewed by Sydnee, Marie, and Andrew. We unearth her past, ask what it means to be suffocatingly Jewi... Details
Jo Firestone joins us on this week's episode as our Spiraling Expert! Jo tells us what it means to spiral, how she stops herself from spiraling out of control, and of course what Winnie the Pooh character she relates most with. Plus, Sydnee elaborate... Details
It's just Sydnee and Marie this week! They're talking about their review of "Cruella," a review of the podcast, and feeling gratitude during this weird time.----Listen to The Unofficial Expert Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus: Details
Garrick Bernard joins us as the Immigrant Parent Expert on this week's episode! Garrick talks about being a first generation immigrant growing up in LA, whether or not he got allowance, and how his family felt about him dropping out of school. Plus, ... Details
Sydnee is giving major auntie vibes on this week's solo episode of the Unofficial Expert! Sydnee, Marie, and Andrew talk poly relationships, Sydnee's messy refrigerator, and Summer Walker's baby. Enjoy!----Listen to The Unofficial Expert Ad-Free on F... Details
Sydnee and Marie are back from a brief hiatus to talk all about their recent trip to NOLA and Sydnee shares some very exciting news. Plus, our Drag Expert, Miz Cracker, joins us to talk how she gets inspired for different fits, her most expensive lew... Details
Big things are happening on this week's Unofficial Expert! Marie is BACK from her European exxxcursion and is telling us all about the dick she saw while abroad, and Sydnee reveals a surprising shift in her relationship!----Listen to The Unofficial E... Details
On this week's episode, Sydnee, Marie, and Andrew discuss owning exotic pets, Bill's Gates' divorce, and Sydnee's review of "Catfish." Enjoy!----Listen to The Unofficial Expert Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus: UN... Details
Sydnee is back from LA! And in this week's solo episode, Sydnee and Marie are discussing being twin souls, secret listeners, thinking you're dying, working through jokes, and so much more! Plus, they respond to listener questions and give their own a... Details
Sydnee and Marie are looking at this past week through a beige lens beech! In this week's solo episode, we discuss choosing to do projects for the check instead of passion, doing nude scenes, and Sydnee potentially going to jail. Enjoy!----Listen to ... Details
It's just the two of us again this week! Sydnee and Marie talk about trips to the DMV, respond to some listener questions, and ask each other some very personal questions. Enjoy!----Listen to The Unofficial Expert Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus:https://... Details
On this week's solo episode, Sydnee talks about her recent vacation to Jamaica with Ari Lennox and Marie reveals some huge news. Plus, we talk about the new Lil Nas X song, Derrick Jaxn, and who Destiny is of Destiny's Child.----Listen to The Unoffic... Details
No complaints about our Complaining Expert, Jared Goldstein! Long-time listener, first-time guest, Jared complains about weddings, children's birthdays, and explains the difference between complaining and venting. Plus, Sydnee and Marie got their coo... Details