Community Guidelines

Bullhorn is intended to allow anyone and everyone to have a voice and broadcast freely. However, we want Bullhorn to be a place that inspires positive expression and discussion not negativity and hate. Help us achieve this goal by respecting our community and the people within it.

By using Bullhorn you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Service. If we find that your profile, or the content you share and broadcast, violates our Community Guidelines, we reserve the right and ability to delete or remove any content or profiles on Bullhorn.

We created these Community Guidelines to grow and protect this community:

  • Broadcast and share only content that you’ve created or have the right to share.
  • When posting, adhere to the law and intellectual property rights.
  • Broadcast and share content that is appropriate for a diverse audience.
  • Do not spam, harass, or insult others.
  • Do not broadcast content that incites violence, negativity, or hate.

How you can help:

  • Respect other users. Do not spam, harass, or insult anyone on Bullhorn.
  • If you happen to come across content or posts that violates our guidelines please report it and let us know.
  • Block and report users that violate our guidelines.
  • You may find content that you don’t like but does not violate community guidelines. In this case you can unfollow, block, and even hide the user’s posts.

We hope you enjoy and contribute to this amazing community.

Thank You,
The Bullhorn Team


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