Connect with your audience
Bullhorn creators can take their existing podcast to the next level with Bullhorn Studio.
Connect with your audience
Bullhorn creators can take their existing podcast to the next level with Bullhorn Studio.

Claim or Submit your Podcast

Claim or Submit your Podcast

I already have an existing podcast
Search your podcast and verify you are the owner by submitting the contact email within the RSS feed.
If your podcast doesn't exist in the Bullhorn library, enter in your RSS feed and we will add it
Bullhorn studio allows the creators
to have full control of the episode
with interactive elements that
increase audience engagement
Live chat is available so you can actively engage with the community and
make the creators more accessible to the fans.
Ask a question
View submissions by listeners and respond to the most popular
With our exclusive call-in feature, creators can easily invite listeners onto
the podcast.
Video (In Beta)
Smile and wave, turn on video and let your audience see your beautiful face
Set Tiers
Tiers let creators offer more content to contributing listeners
Sponsored Ads
Easily insert ads into your podcast that allow your listeners to click for
more info.
Exclusive content
Elevate your brand and offer exclusive content found only on Bullhorn.
Get paid for the content you create
and award contributors with
exclusive offers.
Bullhorn Studio gives creators
control over interactive elements
that increase audience engagement.
Easily edit content and insert polls, images, ads or text
Sponsored Ad
With the Bullhorn Studio tool, you can insert sponsored ads
Collect answers to polls during a live broadcast and find out what your
listeners want to hear
Evaluate your engagement and find out how your audience consumes
your content.
Offer exclusive content to monthly contributors and set yourself apart
from other creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to change how I podcast to use Bullhorn?

No. Bullhorn studio works alongside your existing podcastworkflow.

If you plan to record a podcast, take it live by opening the Bullhorn studio and recording with your audience. Upload time-stamped images, add clickable links, and engage with your audience like never before with our drag-and-drop studio blocks.

The best thing about it – all the content that you create on Bullhorn only exists on the platform and won’t interrupt your publishing schedule. Bullhorn runs alongside your recording, so you’ll still get a chance to edit and publish your content like normal.

Can we promote our podcast on Bullhorn?

Podcasts that go live on Bullhorn get featured in the “Live” section of our app. Your podcast will be seen above all other podcasts to users all around the world whenever you schedule an event or host a live podcast.

Contact our team to learn how you can be a Bullhorn Ambassador!

Does Bullhorn offer podcast analytics?

Bullhorn collects first-party data that measures podcast performance. This information is secure and respects the privacy of your listeners.

With Bullhorn Analytics, you’ll find a host of statistics, like the number of unique listeners, click-through-rates on ads, and more valuable information to help you better understand your podcasting metrics.

How can I improve podcast listener engagement?

Bullhorn is a premiere podcasting application with an interactive design focused on user engagement. Get closer to your audience by taking your podcast live for a special event or make it a weekly talk show – the possibilities are truly endless.

If you’re looking to get more listeners engaged in your podcast, you want to claim your podcast on Bullhorn.

Learn how to monetize podcasts on Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a powerful podcasting studio built to reward its creators.

If you want to make money with your podcast, you want to be on Bullhorn. Get listeners to subscribe, accept donations, and promote your partner products easily with the Bullhorn Studio.

Learn how to increase podcast listeners on Bullhorn

Bullhorn rewards its users that go live.

When your take your podcast live with Bullhorn, your podcast gets featured in the “Live” section of our app, above all other podcasts. Your podcast is visible to all Bullhorn users. Early adopters get the biggest benefits!

Let’s get started!