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hosting live episodes
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Give your fans what they want with stronger connections, private and public broadcasts, and more even options to earn support.

Grow your audience, with your audience

Whether you like to record or go live, your content on Bullhorn stands out. Connect your RSS feed, bolster your existing content, and invite your audience to a live experience when you're ready.

Easily Invite Co-Hosts Remotely

Stop fumbling over Zoom. Make it easy to invite your co-host to join and become an active admin during a recording or live experience.

Earn Support from Your Fans (beta)

When you offer value to your listeners, your listeners want to add value to you. Earn the support you need to take your podcast to the moon with subscriptions, private episodes, and advertisement tracking.

What can you do with Bullhorn?

Live Episodes

Go live with your audience and co create your episode with your viewers


Easily record your podcast using the Bullhorn FM Studio with or without a co-host and download the RAW conversation for editing.

RSS Integration

Connect your existing library and add more points of engagement, like time-stamped show notes and links to your ads.


Stream LIVE to YouTube and Twitch swiftly and easily through the Bullhorn FM Studio.

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